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  • MUSE Candle Extra Large Candle HAEL XIII
  • MUSE Candle Extra Large Candle HAEL XIII
  • MUSE Candle Extra Large Candle HAEL XIII
  • MUSE Candle Extra Large Candle HAEL XIII
  • MUSE Candle Extra Large Candle HAEL XIII
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MUSE Candle Extra Large

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We love how our avant-garde Muse candle looks and most of the time we are just keeping it for decor on our coffee table, next to our jewellery dish or near to our favourite book. All candles are scented as well, and they throw a subtle scent even without being burnt.

Each candle is hand poured so there may be some imperfections and variations in colour - we think it simply adds to her character.

Available in 3 colours; Ebony - Freesia, Chestnut - Creme Brulee & Ivory - Fresh Linen

Each candle is unique, and the nature of the natural soy wax, Imperfections and variations occur between each candle.  Frosting is a natural effect of using soy wax and occurs in all vegetable waxes.  Plain candles can be gently wiped down with alcohol and water to remove frosting.

SIZE:  Height: 15 cm, Width: 9cm across front, 5cm across side

WEIGHT:  255g

INGREDIENTS:  100% Soy Wax, strong cotton wick for longer lasting burn time high quality fragrance oil.

Important Care and Safety:


  • Treat it delicately.

  • It is fragile. Treat gently to prevent breakage.

  • Do not leave in direct heat or sunlight. This will cause the candle to melt. If it does, it will lose shape, but you can still use it just the same.

  • Colour may slightly vary depending on your choice of fragrance oil and essential oil.

  • Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, expect slight variation in the appearance of each unique piece.

  • Please be mindful when ordering as I cannot be held responsible if the item melts due to being left outside or during transition.

  • Never leave burning candles unattended. Do not position candles or fragrance products on or near TV cabinets, electrical items, or heat sources. Keep candles out of reach of children and pets. If you would like to burn your Muse candle, please note that burn time is approx 3hrs. You should always place the candle on a dish or a tray when burning it.