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Being a Leo, you have guiding strengths of passion, generosity and humour with the tendency to be stubborn and determined.

I am a Leo so of course I love this fragrance as I do all the others, so no special treatment here, all the fragrances are simply divine because that’s what I wanted to create, amazing perfumes that smell divine and are good for our body!
In LEO, I have blended the oils that help the personality traits of Leo’s who are determined, stubborn, generous, natural born leaders, loyal so I started with cinnamon as I love this spice, one of my favourites.
The perfume smells slightly woody, musky, oriental. I personally love a soft oriental fragrance more so than a citrus or sweet floral, I like the sexiness of musk and the warmth of the spices and this is what I have created here, ‘sexy in a bottle’ just like us Leo’s who hold a good sense of self-esteem.
Its rich, warm and alluring (like us Leo’s) you should adore this, I do!

A blend of Bergamot which gives that sweet orange, a perfect mix with the cinnamon spice, then I have rosemary for its aromatic strength, just like us strong minded Leo’s, lavender to calm us down when we get a bit over excited and need to relax and the rich essence of clove which is warm and spicy (just like Leo’s) with a woody scent, a slight hint of luxurious leather balanced out with fennel, very sweet and anise-like with a slight earthy-peppery smell, so here I have blended sweet with spice and all things nice and I think this pretty much sums up a Leo, it’s a strong alluring perfume and settles into your skin like a good old best friend…
Its sexy, watch out Leo’s, you will attract mates with this one!



Ingredients: Distilled water, clary sage, cinnamon leaf, vetiver, clove leaf, eucalyptus, bergamot, fennel, lavender, grapefruit, decyl glucoside.

A true depiction of the lion, Leo’s are born with a bright, strong and fearless personality. Full of positivity and creativity, Leo’s can cheer up any room. Their birth flower is the sunflower and marigold, which are both as bright and cheerful as Leo’s Being a Leo, you have guiding strengths of passion, generosity and humour with the
tendency to be stubborn and determined. We have blended your personal 100% natural perfume to reflect your element of ‘Fire’ along with oils to support passion, generosity, emotional flexibility and support in energy, to balance your strengths and weaknesses with the power of aromatherapy..


What does Leo StarSign Scent Smell like?

Is as strong as the star sign is herself… Alluring and sensual as is the lioness. This is a royal fragrance,settling on the skin like a good old best friend… The perfume smells slightly sweet, woody, musky and oriental, a perfect mix of floral and spice and all things nice.

What are the essential oil benefits?

CLARY SAGE Assists you in changing perceptions. It gives you courage to “see” the truth. Clary Sage dispels darkness and illusion, helping you to see your limiting beliefs. It can help with healing crisis when a drastic change of perspective is required. Clary Sage assists in opening creative channels and creating creative blocks. It eliminates distractions from the mind and assists you in finding a state of “emptiness” from which creativity can manifest. It increases your ability to visualize and imagine new possibilities. It is especially helpful in clarifying spiritual vision. It helps you to accept the reality of the spiritual world.
CLOVE Supports you in letting go of victim mentality. Victims feel overly influenced by other people and outside circumstances. They perceive themselves as powerless to change life situations. Clove helps you to stand up for yourself and be proactive and feel capable of making your own decisions, regardless of other’s opinions.
Clove assists you in letting go of patterns of self-betrayal and codependency. It gives you the courage to say “no” and set your boundaries. Clove encourages you to live true to yourself by establishing clear boundaries.
VETVIVER is a grounding oil, that supports you when your energy feels scattered and split between priorities, people and activities. The oil supports self-awareness work, as it uncovers the root of emotional issues. It helps you to find relief but not through avoidance. Vetiver will not let you quit, it grounds you in the present moment and carries you through an emotional catharsis.
BERGAMOT relieves feelings of despair, self judgement and low self-esteem. It invites you to see life with more optimism. Bergamot has a cleansing effect on stagnant feelings and limiting beliefs. Bergamot is a wonderful anti-depressant, which awakens the soul to hope and provides courage to share your inner self. Bergamot teaches you to let go of self-judgement and learn to love yourself unconditionally.
FENNEL supports the individual who has a weakened sense of self. You may feel defeated by life’s responsibilities. Fennel reignites your passion for life. When you feel paralyzed by fear or shame, this oil gets you moving again.
Fennel supports you in listening to the subtle messages of the body. It is especially important in situations where there has been a loss of connection to the body’s natural signals due to emotional eating, severe dieting, eating disorders or other abuse to the body. Fennel curbs cravings for experiences that dull the senses. Fennel supports in regaining one’s appetite for nourishment, food and life itself.
LAVENDER aids verbal expression. It calms insecurities that are felt when you are vulnerable. Addressing a deep fear of being seen and heard. Lavender encourages emotional honesty and insists you speak your innermost thoughts and desires. Allowing you to experience unconditional love and acceptance
GRAPEFRUIT Teaches true respect and appreciation of one’s body. The oils shows you to listen to your true physical needs and impulses. It calls for you to take ownership of your feelings and gets the help you need in addressing them, you no longer have to hide your feelings behind food, body abuse, strict regimes, eating disorders or other forms of addiction.